• Danny Feliz Jdk

Attrib Solution - Finally authorized their most secret project and will join the market by 2021.

The company Attrib Solution one of the mayor leaders in United States o Private Security Camera developments and creations it’s working in their new smart car with IoT Surveillance implementations that could hit the market in 2020 as his CEO was explaining on and private note.

Their plan is to run their AS Surveillance project around USA streets and prevent potential terrorists attacks that can happens in the future and help civilians to be safe on the streets.

They still evaluating car models that fit their needs but they partner with Longse USA to run the test in Elizabeth NJ at their private facility development this summer with multiple engineers that know perfectly the IoT technology and surveillance cameras implementations.

Attrib Solution could hit the market as one of the top leaders Mobil Surveillance in the USA with 3 Billions dollars market capital and the biggest providers of data storage centers in the USA for IoT Surveillance technology with one of the most powerful data match softwares in the world that could be released in 2021.


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